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Nature Clean 


Main Features

  • Advanced Oxidation Laundry System for use with Standard Residential Washing Machines  Supplies        .         Photo-Catalytic and Advanced Oxidation Eliminates Need for Hot Water in Laundry

  • Use Little or No Detergent

  • Convenient Small and Lightweight Unit is Easy to Ship and Install

  • Backlit Window Lets You See the Oxidation Being Entrained into the Water

  • Unit Turns On & Off Automatically with Water Flow (as Washer Demands)

  • Cold Water Hose Included with Unit State-of-the-Art Engineering Maintenance Free



Main Benefits

  • Save on Energy Bills with No Hot Water Used For Laundry

  • Save Money on Detergent (Little or None is Necessary

  • Life of Clothing, Towels, etc. is Extended by not Using Detergent

  • Skin Sensitivities, Irritations, and Allergies are Often Relieved When Detergent is not Used Laundry Smells Fresher, Cleaner, and Less Perfumed

  • Whiter Whites & Brighter Colors

  • Washing Machine Smells Cleaner and Fresher




  • Unit Size 16.5” L x 9.5” H, 3.75” D

  • Unit Weight: 3.5 lbs.


Safety Features

  • Leak Detector Alarm (Audible Warning)

  • 12V 3A External Power Supply



  • 2 Year Factory Warranty


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