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  • Multi Mode, adjustable spray selections offer regular, massage and combination settings


  • Pressure compensator provides condidtent spray velocity over a wide range of water pressures for consistent performance and customer satisfaction


  • Energy efficient non-aerating spray reduces heat loss and increases comfort


  • Self-cleaning, spray adjustment helps provide uninterrupted performance


  • New vandal resistent, permenantly sealed body. Prevents disaaembly, tampering.


  • New easy to operate spray settings


  • Anti-sediment screen prevents line debris from clogging the showerhead



Annual Savings:

6,387 gallons per person per year based on a 5 minute shower.


The average cost per gallon of water and sewerage charge is .0350


5GPM - 1.5GPM -- 6,387 gallons X .0350   =  $223.54 savings per person per year

2.5GPM - 1.5GPM --1,825 gallons X .0350 =  $63.88 savings per person per year

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