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I have recently purchased two of your energy saving products. The salesman Gene, sold me on the Ultimate blanket and THe Guardian Box, and, I am very glad that he did! The Guardian Box has not been installed long enough to make a comment on, but the Ultimate Blanket has. During the recent blast of cold weather, it proved very effective in helping to keep heat in all the rooms of our house. I might add, that the installer of the Ultimate Blanket was also very knowledgable, and did an excellent job installing the product.




Dean C

Defuniak Springs, Fl






As a follow-up to our phone conversation this morning, I wanted to provide you this e-mail to thank you for the outstanding sales presentation by Ron and the rapid response in getting your products installed in my home in a very professional manner by Chris.  Both Ron and Chris are very knowledgeable and performed in an outstanding and professional manner.  My wife and I are looking forward to using your products.  We noticed a reduction in heat in our upstairs rooms immediately following the installation of the Ultimate Blanket in the attic by Chris while he was still in our home.  Thank you very much again.



Jack S

Mary Ester, Fl



July 30/2015

They put some insulation in our attic to help lower our energy bill. In addition, they added something to our washing machine to help reduce the cost of doing laundry....

Gene Cebulski was very professional, easy to work with and knowledgeable. We set up an appointment for him to do the work at both of our houses and it all went very smoothly. It was done on time and they saved us on our electric and water bills. I highly recommend them to anyone.


Valparaiso, Fl.


Feb 9,2016

Thank you Relevant Energy Solutions,

We purchased your blanket a year ago and are very happy to see a great reduction on our utility bill.

Your Tech was very knowledgable and professional as well as the installers.

We recently added the Guardian Box and seen another decrease on our bill.

We appreciate working with such a  great company from start to finish.

Thank you again,


Niceville, Fl


April 9, 2016

I have already recommended them to my neighbor. They installed a radiant barrier on top of my existing insulation. I was very pleased with the installation.

A Customer from Pace, Florida



Please accept this letter of commendation for your program and presentation. Gene Cebulski demonstrated excellent communication skills as he explained your products. He showed indepth knowledge of each product and how it would help the home owner save on energy bills. The two young men who installed the Ultimate Blanket worked consistently in a hot attic to complete the installation.

We were impressed that Gene dropped by to check on the installation during the day........

........we believe at this point, that we will definately save on our energy bill with the Ultimate Blanket. The ECO Laundry has met or standards of clean, fresh smelling cloths.



Jay, FL.


June 24, 2016

Relevant Energy Solutions

           Today we had your installers at our home installing our Ultimate Blanket. They were a pleasure to have,  polite, pleasant and well mannered. They are a credit to your company.

           I also want you to know, Gene Cebulski gave a great presentation and home visit. It is hard to find good employees and you are blessed to have all three.

           I will contact Gene if I have any Leads and I am going to get the Guardian Box after this is paid off.

Thank you,


Orange Park, FL.


October 3, 2016

We would like to comment on the large savings we have realized, and the additional comfort we have enjoyed, since we had the Ultimate Blanket installed in our attic in April 2016. So far our monthly elecrtic bills show we have consumed from 105 to 606 kWh. less, depending upon the month. Even though we have Budget Billing, the savings have been so substantial that Gulf Power has reduced our monthly payment by $40.00 per month. In addition, this product also qualifies under the tax code as a deductable expense and will save us substantially on our taxes.

We also had the Duct Pure unit installed and have noticed a certain freshness to the air in our home.

Adrian and Martha

Ft. Walton Beach, Fl.


July 6, 2016

As the installer processed across the attic, the inside temperature cooled even more. I can feel an improvement in the cooling of my home.

G.T. in Enterprise, AL.


December 2, 2016

This is not blown in insulation... it is new product much like survival blankets made from foil. It has lowered the heat in our garage by ten degrees....saving to do the rest of the house. Hear them out....

Susan Z, Pace FL.


January 18, 2017

This insulation seems to be working well. Heat-Air doesn't run much at all !

Donald R. , Ft. Walton Beach, FL.


I Submit my testimonial to you on April 5, 2017

I attended your dinner seminar and was explained some amazing savings products.

After personally seeing them, the explanations and the demonstration on how they worked, I asked your Tech to come out for a free home inspection to see what would work in my home to save energy.

Long story short, I purchase the Ultimate Blanket, Water Heater Wrap, Nature Clean + and have certainly seen an immediate savings on my utility bill.

Depending on the months where we don't have to run much, saving an average of 167 kwh per month. The months the heating and cooling are running, we saved 493 kwh per month. Over all between 40% and 50% savings.

Thank you !

Ralph P.

Niceville, FL

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ February 15, 2018

Gene, thanks for the swell job your installers did with the attic.

I was so impressed that I almost asked you for a job!

You guys have a superior product and great installers. It was a pleasure to choose your company. Peace.


Morrow, GA


May 28, 2018

Project: Install or Upgrade Batt, Rolled or Reflective Insulation

This company provided quick service. The crews were friendly and professional.

I would definitely use these guys again.

Leo K



July 28, 2018


Insulation solution for attic

Category: Insulation, Energy Efficiency Auditing

Very reasonable quote provided. Installers were on time, courteous, and knocked out the job in just a few hours time.

Well done, guys!

Kevin O

Lynn Haven, FL


Review by Edward B. in Crestview, FL.

Project: Install or Upgrade Blown-In Insulation

I had them install a radiant heat barrier blanket in my attic. They arrived on time, finished on time, were very courteous, cleared

away all of their debris & in general were a great company to deal with.

September 15, 2018


Review by Steven H.  in Navarre FL.

Project: Install or upgrade Blown in Insulation

Super professional, great job and friendly. Thank you for a great product, it works really well, the AC turns on so much less.

And the garage stays cool well into the afternoon. Thank you for a great service, price and installation

Quality:                               5.0

Customer Service:            5.0

Value for Money:              5.0

April 22, 2020


Review by Diane O, Ft Walton Beach, FL

Project: Install or Upgrade Blown-In Insulation

I felt IMMEDIATE results in the temperature of my home. The upstairs rooms are so much cooler. Now I don't have to have the bedroom fan on constantly. Instead of having AC set at 72, I have it at 75. Last summer was hot upstairs. Now I'll be comfortable. I highly recommend  getting the insulation blanket installed!!


Quality  :                           5.0

Customer Service:          5.0

Value for Money:            5.0

June 9, 2020


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